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Langkawi Skytrex Located in Langkawi Perdana Quay, there are a variety of activities, which started from age 12 years old. Even elderly people also encourage joining the activity as long as brave and not afraid of dizziness. Langkawi Skytrex Adventure is indeed famous activity in Langkawi. Skytrex adventure is the first outdoor activities in Malaysia which involves the movement of tree to tree ‘sky-trekking’ where you can fly, swing, glide and dangle on the various aerial obstacles suspended above the lush tropical Malaysian Rainforest. experience  from this activity such as unique and different which presents a challenge to the participants and test the courage, determination and confidence to cross the bridge, suspension bridges, pipes, cables stretche   d as far as 0.7km in the woods. SKYTREX Adventure provides an organized eco-recreational outdoor activities which will take the participants from tree to tree via a series of aerial trails suspended in the air. It is a place where you can enjoy jungle trekking from a level never done before - via the canopy of the rainforest. Test your agility, challenge your fear! Climb up Scream Out! Skytrex Langkawi is located on the way to the famous Langkawi Cable Car. Little Legend (Beginner) – designed 23 of challenges for all types ages which including children. These activities are especially for kids. Adults and teenager also can join. There are designed 23 challenges in the height of 3 to 5 meters by provides fun activities in all types of levels. The activities are arranged the surrounding area of tree with a variety of challenges which definitely exciting. *Minimum height 140cm & maximum weight 100kg. Eagle Thrill (Intermediate) - the thrill eagle known as intermediate level and there are designed 29 of challenges. The circuit has 29 challenges to test the courage of those who love challenges in the height of 11 meters while enjoying the views of forest is truly attractive. This activity really rugged and challenging where included 8 ‘flying fox’, 5 horizontal challenges, 5 challenges of climbing and  5 descending challenges which promises to be lasting pleasure. *Minimum height 150cm & maximum weight 100kg. Island Extreme (Advanced) - This activity for those who are love the adventure in advance level. Which is designed more 30 of challenges and it is really tested the stamina and patience of someone. This is the largest circuit with 33 challenges a height of up to 15 meters in the air. Each participant will definitely be excited by testing their level of strength. The advanced level of extreme promising maximum satisfaction with 15 ‘flying fox’, 5 horizontal challenges, 3 challenges of climbing and  3 descending challenges which each participant will go home with a feeling of confidence and win. *Minimum height 150cm & maximum weight 100kg.
Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 9:00am - 3:00pm
Duration : 2-3 hour
Maximum number of people : 30
Not Available
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